This track wasn’t born from a specific narrative, but more from a feeling of moving on after Covid. It started life as a simple synth sequence I pieced together one morning, and developed into this expansive track through a series of workshops with my friends Lewis Blee [marimba] and Peter Ashwell [vibraphone], who you can hear on the recording. I based the instrumentation around the acoustic elements of the live setup we have been developing for my upcoming album, as I wanted to create something less sample-focused which has large-scale impact. _____________________________________________________________ 
Produced by Masque Collective 
Director - Tom Gimson 
Director of Photography - Ian Dingle 
1st AC - Ben Woodbridge 
2nd AC - James Lau 
Producer / BTS Stills - Simon Williams 
Production Assistant - Emily Harper 
Kit Rental - Genesis Hire 
Marimba - Lewis Blee 
Vibraphone - Peter Ashwell 
Saxophone / Electronics - Tom Gimson _____________________________________________________________
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