Unveiling Ridge - Tom Gimson's Industrial Beat, Leading the Way for EP Contours
Release Date: 02 February 2024
Ridge marks the release of Tom Gimson’s upcoming EP Contours
Tom’s techno-inspired mix seamlessly blends organic and electronic instruments. An ethereal synth layers gracefully over a robust foundation of industrial textures, with samples derived from the mechanical sounds of Tom’s baritone sax.
His percussive and cell based music is an extension of his textural architecture-inspired film-work. Capturing and travelling through different urban environments lays the foundation to Tom’s multimedia work, which led to Ridge’s industrial sound. 
Prepare for a unique auditory experience as Ridge paves the way for the full release of his EP.
Tom Gimson - Producer / Composer
Peter Ashwell - Vibraphone
Lewis Blee - Marimba
Mastering - Real World Studios
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