a selection of recordings and videos of compositions from the last few years
for two tenor saxophones and drum kit
Taffeta Dreaming 
with Trah & Chips Theatre Ensemble 
directed & written by Alex Papachristou-Cox
premiered, Resolution Dance Festival, The Place, 2019

Based on four poems, Taffeta Dreaming merges text with dance to explore male sexuality, loneliness and what it is to live in an age of fabulous Instagram lives.
for contrabass flute and percussion
this piece is an exploration of some of the percussive and textural effects of the contrabass flute
commissioned by Simon Williams, 2017


for flute and harp
commissioned by Elin Samuel and Simon Williams, 2018
density vs impact
for percussion quartet
commissioned by Richard Benjafield and Ensemble Bash, 2019
Talk To The Dog
in collaboration with Trah & Chips Theatre Ensemble 
written by Alex Papachristou-Cox
Directed by Ellis Howard
A 6 year old boy looks up at a hanging body. 15 years later Sam parties, studies Environmental Science and dries his underwear with a hairdryer.
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