Contours is a through-composed work consisting of the four unique tracks; Rift, Line, Trace and Ridge, which move through an industrial sonic landscape inspired by the subtle organic elements that contribute to our urban environments.
Created in Tom’s home studio in Deptford, the EP delves into a rich textural combination of classical music and techno-adjacent electronica, seamlessly blending organic and electronic instruments. The music is built with the unique combination of rolling baritone saxophones, inquisitive vibraphones and organ-like marimbas over beds of ethereal synthesisers, often layered over a classic 909 kick.
Each track began from an improvisation that was then transcribed or re-recorded before refining and workshopping with the musicians Peter Ashwell [Vibraphone] and Lewis Blee [Marimba].
Tom Gimson - Producer / Composer / Saxophone
Peter Ashwell - Vibraphone
Lewis Blee - Marimba
Mastering - Real World Studios
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